Retail - Consumer Product Packaging

Our packaging work spans the entire economic spectrum, from biotech to consumer products. Each industry brings its own set of unique challenges and expectations. At PPI, we pride ourselves in the ability to engineer cutting-edge solutions for any packaging or shipping objective.

Our engineers bring decades of experience to their work. Their familiarity with a wide range of materials and technologies ensures that each client receives the optimal solution for its situation and constraints.

Case Study

Gillette Corp was about to make the most important product launch in its company history, The Sensor. Seventy two hours before the product roll-out, Gillette engineers realized that a foam pad 1/8" thick needs to be added to each package for its flagship product.

Gillette called on Protective Packaging to help meet its incredibly important deadline. Protective Packaging worked around the clock to put together staffing, design the part needed and build the cutting tools necessary to produce the foam pad. Within thirty six hours Protective Packaging was shipping millions of foam product to Gillette. Disaster averted.