High Tech / Electronics Packaging

Protective Packaging Inc. designs and fabricates foam inserts, shipping boxes, cases, and crates that protect delicate high-end electronic components. Our packaging can withstand the rigors of any shipping container, long-haul truck, loading dock, or warehouse rack. With drop-test expectations as low as 40Gs, we carefully select, prototype and test options until we find the right solution for the application.

Both manufacturers and end-users expect delivery in flawless condition. We easily adapt to the unique requirements of each client — from electrostatic protection to JIT shipping — while applying our experience to provide the most reliable and cost-effective packaging solution.

Contact us to discuss packaging and protection options for your product. (978) 283-9454.

Case Study

Customers of a large high tech company complained that an unacceptable number of products they received did not function upon receipt. The products — printed circuit boards, power supplies and delicate assemblies — did not appear damaged upon visual inspection.

Protective Packaging engineers tested live products using the original packaging materials in its test lab and found that many of the products were experiencing up to 250-750 G-forces. Working with the client's product team, we jointly implemented a product G-force threshold of 40 Gs. Now, before a new package is developed, a seven-page package development questionnaire is completed and evaluated by a Protective Packaging engineer. The engineer will then make design recommendations, build a prototype, drop test, analyze data, make computerized drawings and report findings. Since this system has been implemented zero DOA's due to package performance have been reported.