Commercial & Industrial Product Packaging

In today's finely tuned, just-in-time supply chains, producers of industrial products — from delicate components and sub-assemblies to finished products — cannot afford damage in transit or packaging-related delays. PPI helps clients create reliable, cost-effective packaging for industrial parts and products of every description.

With decades of experience, our engineers have seen every kind of packaging and shipment challenge. We have answers.

Case Study

A distributor of light bulbs experienced major customer satisfaction problems when a large percentage of eight foot fluorescent bulbs arrived broken. They were shipping fifteen light bulbs per box, using EPS foam to separate the bulbs. When shipped via common carrier, at least 3-5 bulbs per box were breaking in transit.

Protective Packaging engineers evaluated the package and modified the insert design using polyethylene, which provided greater shock absorption and stability. Next we focused on the box. We increased burst strength of the corrugated and selected a five panel folder for greater rigidity and protection. The new design completely eliminated any breakage during shipments.