Foam Inserts for Packaging

Custom Case Foam

In addition to fabricating custom foam inserts for popular case brands including Pelican and Hardigg, we distribute a wide range of custom and stock cases, from an 8" blow-molded case to a 96" X 48" X 36" ATA transit case, each engineered to unique project specifications. As with our other products, we offer just-in-time shipping and billing for clients who value the flexibility of small quantity, on-demand delivery.

Custom Foam Inserts for Boxes

PPI offers a range of die cut foam insert materials to meet exacting drop-test standards and other specifications. Our engineers can craft the ideal insert using polyethylene, polyurethane, expanded polystyrene or other cushioning and bracing materials. As with all of our packaging technologies, short runs are no problem.

Foam-in-place Packaging

Foam-in-place is a versatile solution for box inserts, filling any void with a durable, highly protective foam. It is a simple cushioning or blocking-and-bracing process that protects a variety of items of different shapes and sizes.

We offer foam-in-place packaging services and we also distribute systems. The Instapak® 900 and 901 are a second generation of proven all-electric, foam-in-place packaging systems, featuring electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls to guarantee top-quality Instapak® foam packaging.

Instapak® images copyright © Sealed Air Corporation 2007

Waterjet Foam Cutting

Complicated product contours? With waterjet foam cutting technology, we can make quick work of even the most intricate and sophisticated foam cutting applications. One of the few New England facilities with waterjet machines. (We have four!) Prototypes, short runs, and quick turns using customer DFX files are also perfect for this technology.

Foam Shippers

Engineered for circuit boards, electronics, medical devices, and other sensitive products, our boxes lined with convoluted foam are available in a wide range of dimensions. PPI stocks foam shippers for quick delivery, with low minimum orders at pricing that beats our competitors.

Below are our in-stock foam shippers, ready to go with both anti-static and standard foam.

Anti-Static FoamStandard FoamSize
A05053S050535 X 5 X 3
A0705S07057 X 5 X 2 3/4
A09063S090639 X 6 X 2 3/4
A10062S1006210 X 6 X 2 3/4
A0808S08088 X 8 X 2 3/4
A10104S1010410 X 10 X 4
A1280S128012 X 8 X 2 3/4
A1210S121012 X 10 X 2 3/4
A1212S121212 X 12 X 2 3/4
A12124S1212412 X 12 X 4
A1480S148014 X 8 X 2 3/4
Anti-Static FoamStandard FoamSize
A14124S1412414 X 12 X 4
A12124S1212412 X 12 X 4
A1414S141414 X 14 X 2 3/4
A1610S161016 X 10 X 2 3/4
A1616S161616 X 16 X 2 3/4
A16164S1616416 X 16 X 4
A1812S181218 X 12 X 2 3/4
A1818S181818 X 18 X 4
A2218S221822 X 18 X 2 3/4
A2424S242424 X 24 X 2 3/4
A26184S2618426 X 18 X 4


Korrvu® packaging combines impressive drop protection throughout the shipping cycle with the advantages of easy visibility. Ideal for retail applications, delicate items can be both protected and displayed in the same packaging. Korrvu® combines outstanding product protection and attractive presentation.

Korrvu® packaging stores flat, reducing storage and warehouse requirements. Because Korrvu® packaging requires no equipment installation, no significant capital investment is required.

Korrvu® images copyright © Sealed Air Corporation 2007

Packaging Supplies

Many effective packaging and shipping solutions require off-the-shelf supplies, from boxes to bubble wrap to tape. Think of PPI as your one-stop source for all packaging supplies. Just let us know what you need.

Corrugated Boxes

From single, double and triple wall construction, to litholam, die cut and other variations, PPI can accommodate any corrugated need. We stock standard J and cube size cartons and can provide custom size boxes at your request.

Crating & Wood Pallets

While the materials are traditional, our crating solutions offer sophisticated protection for large, valuable machinery and equipment. Accustomed to meeting strict military specifications, PPI routinely builds crates and pallets for demanding worldwide shipping.