Custom Foam Packaging & Box Inserts

For more than 30 years Protective Packaging Inc. has been manufacturing innovative, cost-effective custom foam packaging, foam box inserts, and case foam for companies just like yours, along with the world’s most respected brands including Honeywell, BAE Systems, GE, and Teradyne. 

We're a full-service packaging company with comprehensive design, engineering, testing, fabrication, quality control, inventory, and shipping capabilities. We can provide everything you need from design to crating to just-in-time delivery.

All of our custom box inserts are made in the USA, from Massachusetts to New Mexico. We're working harder than ever to manufacture and promptly deliver protective packaging to help YOU safely ship the products your customers need. 

I’m Bob Masella, president, founder, and lead packaging specialist at Protective Packaging Inc. I look forward to working with you to manufacture the best packaging solution for your product. Please call me at 978-283-9454 or send an email to get started.