Protective Packaging Inc.
Our Inventory Services

Many PPI clients minimize floor space devoted to packaging. This is a smart business decision, allowing them to concentrate on design and manufacturing of their own products. These clients rely on PPI not only to engineer state-of-the-art packaging solutions, but also to streamline and simplify the inventory and warehousing aspects of their businesses.

PPI was one of the first packaging companies in New England to pioneer just-in-time inventory practices for packaging materials. We continue to lead in this area.

We maintain packaging inventories for many clients — from custom cases and foam inserts to folding cartons for the medical industry. When needed, we deliver a few or a few hundred sets of packaging materials, based on pre-existing blanket orders. For some clients this means delivering once a week. For others, we may make more than one delivery each day. We understand that delays are never acceptable. With our own warehouse capacity and fleet of trucks, we can stay in synch with even the most intricate client schedules.

We manage inventory so our clients don't need to. It's all part of our commitment to earn the trust and confidence of the world's most exacting technology and manufacturing companies.