Protective Packaging Inc.
Note from the President

Our philosophy at Protective Packaging, Inc. is pretty simple — do whatever it takes to meet the packaging needs of our clients.

We go the extra mile to meet tight budgets and aggressive timelines. We're ready to bring in extra production staff, work additional shifts, or deliver on weekends. We'll source materials from anywhere in the world. We'll add engineers to expand our design or testing capabilities. We'll add warehousing space when a project requires it. We'll ramp up for large orders or scale down to package a handful of high-priority items. Whatever it takes.

We are happy to take any of these special measures to serve our clients. We are well aware that packaging is often the last item considered when a new product is developed, so PPI is ready to step in and fill that void.

Ultimately our business is about listening and earning trust — we partner with our clients to understand their expectations and do everything we can to aid in their success. We look forward to working with you in this important role.

Bob Masella
President, PPI